A Crash into FP through ATS

Hongwei Xi

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Table of Contents
1. Introducing ATS
What is ATS?
What can ATS bring?
Installing ATS
Compiling ATS code
Accessing ATS libraries
2. Recursive Functions (1)
3. Recursive Functions (2)
4. Example: Sierpinski Triangle
5. Higher-Order Functions
6. Example: A Bit of Animation
7. Functional List-Processing (1)
8. Functional List-Processing (2)
9. Through ATS to PHP
10. Through ATS to Javascript
11. Functional List-Processing (3)
12. Example: Game of Twenty-four
13. Persistent Arrays and References
14. Example: Estimating Pi
15. Raising and Catching Exceptions
16. Lazy Stream-Processing
17. Example: Queen Puzzle Revisited
18. Linear Lazy Stream-Processing
19. Continuation-Passing Style
20. Example: A Bit More of Animation